We can help you get rid of bugs mice mosquitos ticks flies ants gophers spiders rodents bats

Providing protection and peace of mind for residential, commercial, and seasonal structures and outdoor spaces with licensed and certified pest control and prevention.

Bug & Rodent Control

We can help you get rid of any kind of bug or rodent in one or two service visits. 

Check out Bug Commander’s pest library if you need help identifying your pest. 

BC Tech Spraying A Shed
BC technician spraying foliage

Mosquito, tick, & fly control

Keep your family and pets happy and healthy with our mosquito and tick control services. Single treatment and package treatment options are available. Treatment effectiveness typically lasts 4 weeks.

Large animal control

We can humanely remove or trap and release any large animal such as racoons, badgers, skunks, and more.

BC technician setting up a live trap
BC technician by a pond

Aquatic Invasives Control

We can treat for algae buildup, leeches, Swimmer’s Itch, Zebra Mussels, weeds, and more!

Bug Commander works directly with the MN DNR so you don’t have to.

Terrestrial Invasives Control

We can control common noxious and invasive weeds on roadsides for townships, counties, and the DNR.

canada thistle

Prevention is the best medicine

We can stop bugs and rodents before they get inside! Bug Commander offers one-time single prevention treatments or warrantied package prevention treatments strategically timed out to get you the best protection. 

Peace of mind is just a click away.

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