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Chronic Pain Got You Down? Acupuncture Can Help You Fight Back!

Is chronic pain turning your days into a struggle? You’re definitely not alone. Millions of us are stuck battling this pain monster that lingers for months on end, making even simple things feel impossible.

This post isn’t here to sugarcoat it, but there is hope! We’ll explore what chronic pain is, why it shows up uninvited, and how acupuncture can be your secret weapon to fight back and reclaim your life.

Chronic Pain: The Unwelcome Guest

Chronic pain is basically pain that sticks around for more than six months. It can feel sharp, dull, achy, or like someone’s permanently borrowed your favorite chair (seriously, give it back!). The worst part? Finding the source can be a detective story, and traditional treatments like meds, massage, or PT might offer some relief, but often the pain just comes crawling back. Read More

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IVF and Acupuncture, When is the best time to start?

Questions about when to start acupuncture are easily the most frequently asked among those who call or come into our clinic seeking care as they prepare for an IVF cycle. We’re fortunate as acupuncturists to have an ever-growing body of research to refer to when making recommendations. As much as possible when creating treatment plans for our patients, we do this based on the most current research. So, when is the best time to start acupuncture to increase your chances of a successful cycle? Why is this and what if you’re starting late?

An IVF cycle consists of medical stimulation of the ovaries, an egg retrieval, and an embryo transfer, all of this hopefully leading to a positive pregnancy test. The increase in frozen embryo transfers over the past several years has led to different acupuncture treatment recommendations based upon whether somebody is preparing for an egg retrieval or the actual embryo transfer. Read More

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Ouch! Not Again: Keeping Your Body in the Game without the Pain

Discover a Natural Path to Relief

Have you been dealing with pain that disrupts your daily life or hinders your athletic performance? You’re not alone. Millions of people find themselves seeking solutions for pain management and recovery.  And million, including professional athletes, turn to acupuncture to help them get back in the game.

How does Acupuncture Help?  It’s More Than Just Needles: Unveiling the Potential of Acupuncture

While rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern research is starting to understand how a simple needle placed in the correct location can help your body heal.  It suggests acupuncture may work through various mechanisms, including:

  • Stimulating the release of endorphins: These are your body’s natural painkillers, offering targeted relief.
  • Reducing inflammation: Acupuncture may help regulate the immune system, leading to faster healing and reduced pain sensitivity.
  • Improving blood flow: This can promote healing and enhance recovery, especially beneficial for athletes.
Could Acupuncture Be Right for You?

Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits or someone managing chronic pain, acupuncture offers potential benefits: Read More

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Love Yourself and Cupping This February

Love Cupping?  We do too.

For the month of February we are debuting heart shaped cups into our practice.
Heart shaped cups on back
We hope you are excited as we are to start using these cups!  Cupping often leaves a light pink or red circle mark.  It is painless (really!) and shows that the treatment is working. With heart shaped cups it’s going to look, you guessed it, like a heart. How cute is that?

While these heart shaped cups are similar to our regular circle shaped cups, we hope those little hearts remind you to love yourself a bit more and take care of yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Want to nerd out and know more?  Read on and let’s break down the history of cupping and its different shapes or materials through the years. Read More

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