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Spring is here in full force.  Leaves are popping, spring flowers are blooming, and warmth and life has returned to our part of the world.   We are here to help with whatever ails you so you can get out and enjoy all that springtime has to offer!  Here are a few resources and suggestions to guide you on your way.

Appointment notifications

If you are not currently getting notifications for your appointments please let us know and we can check to see if we have an incorrect email address on file for you.

Text Notifications? When you set up your initial account the default setting is to opt out of text (SMS) notifications. If you decide that getting them would make your life easier you can opt in for them through your portal account. Feel free to ask the Patient Care Coordinator at the front desk if you have questions or problems setting this up.

Spring is a busy time! 

Our schedules tend to get a bit busier this time of year.  We want to  make sure you are able to get an appointment that works best for your schedule, so be sure to book a few weeks ahead so Read More

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Clinic News: Dr. Brian Grosam joins the Selby Team, National Infertility Awareness Week is coming up!

Welcome Brian!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Brian Grosam will be joining our clinic team beginning April 15th.

Dr. Grosam is an internationally recognized leader in Chinese medicine, working and teaching in the areas of women’s health and menopause, and we are so grateful to have him here at Selby Acupuncture. 

He began his journey into Chinese medicine following the lead of his wife Pamela, an expert in Shiatsu Anma Therapy and Tuina for over 25 years. Upon completion of his Master’s degree in Chinese medicine in 2005, he realized that the more he learned, the more he wanted to know. It became clear that if he was committed to his studies, he needed to pursue his PhD in China. Pamela, being an adventurist soul, agreed, so they packed up their belongings, sold their house and cars, and moved with their two young sons to China.

Continue to learn about Brian on our Practioner Page

Are you or someone you know interested in working with Dr. Brian?  We recommend getting those appointments booked as his calendar is sure to fill up quickly. Book Now


National Infertility Awareness Week is

April 21st–27thNIAW Week 2024

Infertility affects 1 Read More

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It’s Time – For the Facial Rejuvenation Special….

Facial Rejuvenation Special!

Looking for ways to improve your skin and appearance in a more natural way? The month of March we are offering $30 off your first facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment, and $15 off a follow up visit. If you have ever been curious about giving it a try, this is a great opportunity to try this natural and effective treatment for improving the appearance of your skin.

Kathy and Katie have been through additional education specifically aimed at improving the look and health of your skin. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture has been around for centuries and is based in Chinese medicine. You can learn more about the history of facial rejuvenation acupuncture by reading Kathy’s blog article in this month’s newsletter blog.

This treatment is specifically designed to target the appearance and health of your skin. It can improve your natural beauty by nourishing your skin and potentially reducing the severity of skin conditions. It is a holistic treatment that benefits your whole body while it improves your skin. You might also see increased energy and improved sleep, and you might even find that you can think a little more clearly and handle stress better.

We’re excited to offer Read More

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What the year of The Wood Dragon, and…sneak peek into our March Facial Rejuvenation Special.

Welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon!

Chinese New Year falls on February 10th this year, ushering us out of the gentle spirit of the water rabbit and into the growth, change, and majesty of the wood dragon. All across China, people of all social strata make the trek, sometimes near, sometimes very far, home to be with their families. Did you know that Chinese New Year brings about the largest annual migration of people in the world? Book your travel well in advance!

The dragon holds a special place in Chinese culture, being considered a mythical and somewhat god-like creature. Therefore, high value is placed on being born in dragon years, as you too are considered somewhat mythical if born during this auspicious time.

Dragons are considered noble and kind, their energy ushering in transformation and change. This effect will be extra strong this year, as the dragon’s associated element for the year, wood, is about growth, learning, and evolution. While we strive to grow as a species, change can be difficult, even when it is beneficial for us.

Wood energy and the Liver Qi are one in the same. Much in the same way that the wood Read More

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